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Enjoy lasting abundance with the wealth in your home.

A Reverse Mortgage Loan will allow you to borrow money from the bank to REFINANCE your existing mortgage. You do not have to make monthly mortgage payments. Instead, the payments are deferred for the life of the loan. The entire balance plus interest are repaid when you move out of or sell the home. You are required to live in your home at least 6 months out of the year; pay your taxes, insurance, HOA fees; and keep up with the maintenance of your home. However, you will not have to make monthly mortgage payments.

More than a MILLION real people have already chosen to get a reverse mortgage.

​Do you live with the constant daily stress of worrying if you will have enough to make ends meet? Then you should know you are not alone. Learn how these two seniors were able to find security by accessing the equity they have saved up in their homes.

Protections for Non-Borrowing Spouses

Mandatory HUD Counseling

Government-Insured Asset Protection


History of Reverse Mortgages

1988 President Ronald Reagan signs the Reverse Mortgage Bill into law, giving HUD regulating authority.

2013 New policies to make reverse mortgages safe, including protections for non-borrowing spouses.

1961: The first reverse mortgage is written

1998 Important safeguards, like counseling and consumer education put into place.

2014 Guidelines for Financial Assessment are released with more protections for seniors.

Today's reverse mortgage is a popular retirement planning choice.

Reverse Mortgage Safety Features:

Protections for
Non-Borrowing Spouses

Mandatory HUD Counseling

Government-Insured Asset Protection

Mandatory Financial Assessment

Podcast: True Story

Michaele and her husband needed to supplement their income. Learn why they chose a reverse mortgage to help secure their future and remain living in their home.

Reverse Mortgage Stories - Freedomstar Financial

Video Podcast: Testimonial

What is it like living with a reverse mortgage for the past 12 years? Watch Karin's story, below.

What is a reverse mortgage and how does it work?

A government-insured reverse mortgage allows you to convert the equity in your home into tax-free CASH. You have the freedom to use the money however you like. 

A reverse mortgage is a special mortgage product available only to seniors over the age of 62. If you have enough equity in your home, you can borrow money and defer 100% of the payments until you either sell the home or move out of it permanently.

That's right. No monthly mortgage payments.

You have to live in the home, keep up with the maintenance, and continue to pay your taxes and insurance.

Reverse mortgages are insured by the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) and tightly regulated by HUD.* There are many government protections put in place. One of the requirements is that you must meet with an independent HUD counselor. They will want to make sure that you understand how reverse mortgages work. The government does this for your protection.

  • A Reverse Mortgage loan means NO more monthly mortgage payments.

  • A Reverse Mortgage offers ASSET PROTECTION.

  • There is NO MATURITY DATE with a Reverse Mortgage.

  • A Reverse Mortgage has NO PRE-PAYMENT PENALTY

  • There is very LITTLE OUT-OF-POCKET EXPENSE with a Reverse Mortgage.

  • A Reverse Mortgage gives you the FREEDOM to spend the money how you choose

  • A Reverse Mortgage DOES NOT AFFECT Medicare or Social Security benefits!

  • You pay back the Reverse Mortgage loan when you move or sell the home

*Product offered is a home mortgage loan and lender will place a lien on subject property. Borrower is responsible for paying property taxes, homeowner's insurance and home maintenance. Loan is subject to foreclosure for failure to pay taxes and insurance to maintain the property and to comply with loan terms. Loan Officers' primary objective is to provide a loan to the consumer.​

Reverse Mortgage Quote

Find out how much you could receive with a Reverse Mortgage.

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