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✅ Defer Up to Two Mortgage Payments

✅ ZERO Out Of Pocket Costs Programs


🚫 No Closing Costs Options

🚫 No Appraisal Fees

🚫 No Income Verification

🚫 No Payments For 1 or 2 Months


Step 1: Fill out the form on this page.

Step 2: Review your CUSTOM QUOTE and new loan options.

Step 3: DocuSign your application and lock in your SAVINGS.

Why Freedomstar Financial?

Our specialization in VA loans helps you lock in some of the lowest rates on the market for VA IRRRL loans and we offer an easy process from start to finish. We believe in making refinancing simple for you, and providing a transparent and straightforward experience.

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Common Questions


I just got my quote. Are these rates for real? I received three other quotes that are at least a full point higher. How are you able to offer such low rates?

Simple. We have relationships with all of the top VA lenders across the nation. On any given day, pricing for the same interest rate can vary from lender to lender - by as much as 200 basis points. We know how to find the ones that are MOST competitive on any given day for VA Loans. We shop around, so you don't have to.

Why should I work with Freedomstar Financial?

We are dedicated to helping our nation's veterans save as much money as possible. As one of the top VA originators in the nation we have closed more than 1,000 VA loans. Our experience working with veterans means we know the process well, and can get your loan closed fast. Brokers who do not specialize in VA loans often do not know the requirements and give wrong or misleading information. This can cause delays that could seriously jeopardize your loan.

How long will these rates be available?

If only we had a crystal ball! This most recent rate drop took everyone by surprise, including us. Many people thought rates this low were never coming back. Rates today are extremely volatile, and could disappear at any time. We don't want to pressure you, but if you are serious about taking advantage of the VA Streamline IRRRL, it is important that you act now.

How does the IRRRL work?

The VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance program was created to make sure that when interest rates drop, veterans can automatically take advantage of the savings without any hassle. If you have a VA loan, all you have to do is fill out a short application, send us a copy of your mortgage statement and documentation, and then three weeks later we send a notary to your house to finalize the loan. Qualification is simple. There are no appraisal costs or other out of pocket costs.

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