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What are VA loan rates?

30 Year Fixed VA Loan Rates

The 30 Year Fixed VA Loan Rate for loans up to $417,000 is still very low, historically speaking. Here at Freedomstar Financial, we are proud to have been one of the only lenders to have locked in veterans at 2.75% on the 30 Year Fixed Rate as rates bottomed out in late 2012. VA Loan Leader is one of the only lenders that has been able to provide these rates to Veteran borrowers for 2nd homes and for homes in states like California where most homes are worth less than the appraised value. You can see the historical 30 year fixed interest rate in the graph, below.

30 Year Fixed VA Jumbo Loan Rates

The 30 Year Fixed VA Jumbo Loan rate for loans greater than $417,000 are still near their historic lows. Contact Freedomstar Financial for today's current interest rate.

VA 5/1 HYBRID 30 Year Rates

VA Loan Leader has been providing veterans with 30 Year HYBRID 5/1 loans, which can provide even lower rates with built-in protections to ensure rates do not rise more than 1% per year.

VA loan rates track the 10 year treasury rate. Please see the graph below for the historical 10 year treasury rate.

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