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Purchase Application 


Step Process

Thank you for choosing Freedomstar Financial to assist with your purchase.

To proceed, we will need you to complete the following steps:


Gather Preapproval Documents

Please gather the following items for your initial submission.

Drivers License and Social Security Cards
TFA DL.png

For borrower and any co-borrowers. If you can not find your social security cards, we can use a DD 214 or you may contact your loan officer and provide them with the number.

2 Most Recent Paystubs
2 Years of W-2 Forms
2 Years of Tax Returns (Only If Self Employed)
Tax Return.png
Last 2 Bank Statements
Bankt Statement.png
IF Retired Please Provide Retirement Income Documents
SSN Benefits Letter.png

Social Security Benefits Letter


Pension Statement

VA Benefits Letter.png

VA Disability Benefits Letter

Download and Sign Borrower Authorization
Auth Image.png

To download click here.

Fill out Online Application and Upload Documents


Please go to our encrypted secure website to enter your pre-application

information and upload materials online at

To JUST upload documents during your refinance

use the following link:

TFA Upload and App.png
TFA Upload and App.png
Unfreeze Credit Scores
TFA Frozen Credit.png


For instructions on how to unfreeze credit click here.

If already unfrozen, please proceed to step 4.

Recommended (Not Required): To avoid credit bureaus selling your info to telemarketers click on the following link:

Receive Official Pre-Approval Letter


Pre-Approval Letter.png
Make Offers to Buy Your Home


Submit Your Purchase & Sale Agreement After Your Offer is Accepted


PA Document.png

And that's it!

We will start on your application as soon as possible!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time during the process.

Thank you again for choosing Freedomstar Financial!

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